• Welcome to Hope Love Living

    Welcome to Hope Love Living

    Hi. My name is Eslai Gersten and I am a life coach for young women and teens. I am excited that you are here at Hope Love Living (HLL) and I am sure that you will find interesting and informative information to help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle. I will be sharing some of my experiences and insights on Eslai's-Blog, a multi-media collection of writings, podcast-audios, and videos. Our HLL team has been compiling valuable Resources to help you work through your challenges and make positive steps towards discovering your destiny. We also occasionally offer Classes, Special Sessions, and Focus Events that to help you add new tools in your life's toolbox. Sometimes it is good to have someone to walk with you through a particular season of life, so we offer Coaching Services to help you help navigate and explore your path. HLL is here when you need a friend, someone who will listen and share experiences, Be sure to sign up as a member of the HLL community so we can let you know when we post new insights and information to share with our friends, like you!

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Discover the Path to Your Destiny

Hi everyone! Let me share a little about myself and what Hope Love Living is all about. I care and am deeply passionate about women and teens living a full life. I want to see everyone thriving with the peace,...

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What our clients have to say

Hope Love Living is a growing community for young women and girls to explore what it means to be healthy and whole. This is a safe place and Eslai is a good guide for your journey. I have worked with Eslai in ministry for over a decade and have watched her grow in her relationship with the Lord and in her ability to help others navigate the often difficult road towards personal fulfilment. She is a good coach for those who are looking for a little help in holding onto hope and love while pursuing godly goals, living in the present, and pursuing future wholeness.

Gary Pastor, L418