Hi everyone! Let me share a little about myself and what Hope Love Living is all about. I care and am deeply passionate about women and teens living a full life. I want to see everyone thriving with the peace, joy, confidence, love, encouragement and hope-filled life God intends for them to have. I have been there too so I understand how incredibly hard and painful that is. God has helped me learn and overcome so much and has brought me to a place I once never thought I could get to; back when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, after studying and working in my own mental health all these years and after completing several programs and certifications, my dream now is to build a community that supports and encourages each other, to bring hope to the downcast, to empower teens and young women with tools to succeed and thrive, and to create programs that will help women and teens live the full life God created them to have; a life of peace, joy, hope and purpose. My hope is to also create systems to take these tools to the neediest communities such as women and teens’ rescue homes, and even schools; anywhere where we need to learn how to take care of our mental health h, learn our true and valuable identity, have confidence, learn to set boundaries, dream big, create tangible goals, as well as, learn how to communicate and solve problems to thrive in relationships. These are tools that are invaluable to life and success and now that I have them, I want to make them available to everyone around me. My plan is to offer classes and one on one coaching to those who seek to do more in depth personal work. Eventually I would love to partner up with other amazing coaches in other areas of certification and offer retreats and conferences. My ultimate goal is to help teens and young women succeed and live a hope-filled, purposeful, joyful, thriving life. So, if that is what you are interested in, join the community and get connected. I send you a virtual hug, and trust me, I may not know you yet but I am praying for you! I am excited for all God is going to right here. It’s going to be AMAZING!!