It’s About the Journey

36!!🙊 Thank you to everyone who sent me such beautiful heartwarming messages🥰😘. Last year on my bday I had a mini mid-life crisis lol, 35 felt so much closer to 40, & I felt I should be way ahead from where I am in different areas of my life. I’m also sort of a perfectionist and am getting new wrinkles and some gray hairs, lol. But after some thought, listening to encouraging people I admire, some speaking directly into me, and God’s mercy covering everything; I think one of my accomplishments last year was to actually learn to be ok with myself and where I’m at. It’s still a work in progress. However, it was great to realize that I don’t have to be on anyone’s timeline & that God has my timeline just for me and its ok to grow slow. Sometimes we are really learning and growing a lot but don’t realize it until the seeds start sprouting or things really bloom. I have so many goals yet to realize but I’m also so thankful for the journey I’ve been in & the many blessings that I have found in it. My family the most💕💕. I recently traveled to Maui and drove “the fifth most dangerous road in the world”, and what I learned & everyone told me was that it wasn’t about the destination but the journey; along the way we saw waterfalls, stopped at black sand volcanic rock beaches, had to go through some scary turns with one way lanes where you couldn’t see if a truck was coming on the other side, saw rainbow eucalyptus trees and ate lots of yummy things; so there was beauty, fear, adventure, great sights, tiredness, excitement, and all mixed in a beautiful journey… That reminded me all of life. That’s how life is too. I hope we can all learn to enjoy the everyday and make the best of the time we have as we enjoy this journey called life, no matter where things are; for even in the hard and scary times there is beauty and wonder ahead. And let’s do this while also keeping our destination (Heaven) in mind so we can also live for what is eternal and will bring us much fruit and joy forever🌌✨💫😊

Where Will the Road Take Us?

Where will the road take us?? Does anyone even know nowadays? Lol. However one thing to know is, if you put your trust in the Lord and follow Him, He will take you to your destination. He will never let go, He will never fail. At times we wander off the path, tell me about it, happens to me so much… But then I realize my ways are NOT better than His ways, my knowledge is NOT higher than His, and He says things to us for a reason and because He loves us. If only we can remember or get to know who the Good Shepherd is then we wont get lost, and we will not fail, because we are assured that though in this world we will have troubles, He overcame the world, and so will we!! If you find yourself off course today, stop and pray and ask Jesus to bring you back! He is merciful and compassionate and rejoices to show us the way and get us out of our own mess, withot condemning, He is gentle though powerful and speaks only grace and truth.